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Sagemcom F@st 3963 & 3965

Both models are based on latest hardware technologies, thus allowing true gigabit/s service routing.
Their core performance enhances the rich set of services and applications supported by our latest Sagemcom Home Gateway Middleware.
Fast-3963-3965Sagemcom F@st 3963 and Sagemcom F@st 3965 are compact and powerful residential gateways, dedicated to the following applications
• Triple-play ADSL2+ and VDSL2 services
• Full speed FTTH use through the Gigabit Ethernet WAN interface
• Wireless WAN support using external 3G and LTE USB adapters

Multimode ADSL2+ / VDSL2 full profiles / GigE
Onboard full speed Wi-Fi 802.11n
Full speed Gigabit Ethernet support
Embedded DECT CAT-iq base station
Comprehensive VoIP services
Efficient media sharing
Robust TR-069 remote management
Sagemcom Home Gateway Middleware compatible