TETRA projektWithin the framework of the Hungarian TETRA project for emergency departments, Sagemcom Hungary acted on different fields of integration, such as technical validation of TETRA GSM sites, operation monitoring of TETRA network in the ramp-up phase, design and implementation of mobile TETRA base stations for forwarding communication and providing local coverage in case of any disaster or other situation, setting up e-Learning system (including training materials, simulators, online check system) for daily operation of TETRA end users.

IP network
TETRA as trunked solution needs to have a massive base of TDM/IP network. Sagemcom core experience related to the nationwide backbone network architecture solutions. Sagemcom designs and manufactures a wide range of products and has industrial partnership with other manufacturers for the following solutions:

  • DWDM and CWDM solutions for optical backbones
  • Low and high capacity TDM/IP hybrid microwave link range for radio backhauling
  • SDH optical nodes and multiplexers
  • Complete portfolio of native IP switches and routers
  • Unified and simplified network monitoring and controlling with remote network management system

References in various countries and customers are listed. In the past 5 years over 26.000 km optical fiber cables were deployed, over 35.000 microwave radios delivered. Services include site surveys, design and planning, commissioning and hotline services.

Sagemcom offers flexible and upgradeable digital TETRA base stations from industrial partners, with a comprehensive and modular range of solutions, from small size-networks (single-site, single-carrier) to nationwide networks.
The success of an industrial company PMR system or a national emergency TETRA network greatly depends on the end-user terminals. Sagemcom offers secure, reliable and efficient communication terminals as a partner of leading TETRA terminal vendors, which are fully customized to meet the needs of different markets and customers.
The portfolio includes both voice communication and data communication parts too, such as:

  • Handheld radios
  • Mobile radios
  • Dispatcher centers and command centre terminals
  • Data modems
  • Multi-barrier tablet devices (TETRA/GSM)

Terminals have numerous possible accessories and other co-devices which increase the usability, and provide new features to end users.
HDR (Handheld Document Reader) is also part of the portfolio, and offers identification and document validity control on the move.

Applications revive the pure hardware, creating real added value for the users. An important advantage of the TETRA standard is that it has a number of open interface specifications that can be used by application developers to further enhance the capabilities of TETRA. In addition to the network management software solution, Sagemcom also provides applications for assets management and e-learning, as well as integrate and customize them according to the need of TETRA customers.
Efficient education is essential for proper operation and it is more efficient if it is not locked in the classroom. Sagemcom offers appropriate solutions based on a uniqe e-Learning framework system with variable, user specific contents and TETRASim simulators for training personnel to the TETRA dispatcher and radio user function.